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How To Reduce Pennsylvania Property Tax?

How to reduce property tax in Pennsylvania

It is evident that many homeowners pay a large amount of money as property tax in Pennsylvania. There are many aspects that determine the appropriate amount of Pennsylvania property tax.

These taxes are decided by the state authorities and paid by the owner of that property. Property taxes are used to develop the nearby area and also fund the local authorities, such as the fire department. Law enforcement and education are also dependent on property tax.

Many times homeowners get confused about why they are paying more property tax than their immediate neighbours. Property tax depends on many things, such as add-on permanent changes in your property, like a swimming pool.

This article will provide clarity on Pennsylvania property tax to homeowners. Ensuring some easy precautions can help you to keep property tax to the minimum possible amount.

What is the Median (Average) Property Tax in Pennsylvania?

Property Tax rates vary for different counties in the state of Pennsylvania. The following are the latest median applicable taxes based on the county.

Median Average Property Tax in Pennsylvania

  • Westmoreland County $1,885
  • Union County $1,743
  • Snyder County $1,438
  • Perry County $1,836
  • Monroe County $3,454
  • Luzerne County $1,587
  • Lackawanna County $1,954
  • Greene County $1,383
  • Erie County $2,040
  • Crawford County $1,613
  • Chester County $4,192
  • Butler County $2,035
  • Bedford County $1,162
  • Wayne County $1,929
  • Tioga County $1,608
  • Schuylkill County $1,387
  • Northumberland County $1,055
  • Mifflin County $1,438
  • Lehigh County $3,004
  • Juniata County $1,418
  • Fulton County $1,627
  • Elk County $1,413
  • Columbia County $1,390
  • Centre County $2,191
  • Bucks County $4,090
  • Beaver County $1,909
  • Washington County $1,532
  • Susquehanna County $1,791
  • Potter County $1,330
  • Northampton County $3,319
  • Mercer County $1,492
  • Lebanon County $1,973
  • Jefferson County $1,115
  • Franklin County $1,736
  • Delaware County $3,877
  • Clinton County $1,502
  • Carbon County $2,178
  • Bradford County $1,471
  • Armstrong County $1,667
  • York County $2,674
  • Warren County $1,417
  • Sullivan County $1,263
  • Pike County $2,911
  • Montour County $1,497
  • McKean County $1,236
  • Lawrence County $1,436
  • Indiana County $1,485
  • Forest County $860
  • Dauphin County $2,357
  • Clearfield County $1,219
  • Cameron County $1,376
  • Blair County $1,025
  • Allegheny County $2,553
  • Adams County $2,146
  • Berks County $3,014
  • Cambria County $1,150
  • Clarion County $1,099
  • Cumberland County $1,985
  • Fayette County $1,074
  • Huntingdon County $1,076
  • Lancaster County $2,638
  • Lycoming County $1,827
  • Montgomery County $3,834
  • Philadelphia County $1,236
  • Somerset County $1,063
  • Venango County $1,276
  • Wyoming County $2,050

Pennsylvania Property Tax: Here is How to Keep it Minimum

Pennsylvania Property Tax Here is How to Keep it Minimum

Simple actions that are within the law should be given preference by the homeowners so that the tax laws can be under check and reasonable evaluation.

Get The Property Tax Card

Every homeowner has the right to get a property tax card. This card can be collected from the town hall. The local assessor’s office is responsible for using these cards.

Property tax cards have all the relevant information about the property, such as the dimension and sizes of each room, permanent constructions, and the type of fixtures inside or within the property.

Check the details thoroughly and look for any errors or mistakes. Over-evaluation of certain aspects can be the reason for high property tax o your residence. If you find any mistakes, then request the concerned officer to make the changes.

The officer might change and/or check the property again for valid reasons. It is often seen that property tax cards have ample mistakes that affect house taxes in Pennsylvania.

How is the Property tax calculated in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania property tax is calculated on the basis of the overall market value of the property. Suppose your property is valued at $300000 and the tax rate is 2.5%; then you are liable to pay a property tax of $7500.

Avoid Irrelevant Permamannet Construction

New construction on a property, such as pools, sheds, and decks, will definitely increase the value of your property, but this also adds to the property taxes. The property tax is directly affected by the value of the property.

You may avoid any unnecessary permanent construction on your property. However, there are always options for temporary add-ons which doesn’t affect the property tax.

It is understandable that some constructions are necessary for the building. Therefore, make sure to reach out to the local building and tax department to understand the due add-on to your property as per the Pennsylvania property tax laws.

Keep The House Appeal Minimum

Houses that are attractive from the exterior are often categorized under high property taxes. This is an odd task to do, but there is a full-proof hack. There is only a particular time when the assessors will reach your neighbourhood to determine the taxes.

Make sure you improve the aesthetic appeal of your house a while after they are finished with the evaluation.

Property taxes are comparable and if you have the best-looking house in the neighbourhood, then be ready to pay higher taxes. Exterior constructions of steel and expensive Italian marble will definitely attract a higher property tax rate for you.

Interior construction that is exclusively premium and better compared to the neighbours will also attract a high property tax in Pennsylvania.

What is the due date to pay Pennsylvania property tax?

March 31 is the last date to pay the applicable Property tax in Pennsylvania. A fine is applicable if you miss the due date. However, there is a 1% discount on the due payable amount if you pay the property tax on or before the last of February.

How to seek professional help for the minimal value of Pennsylvania property tax?

ASCPA provides professional help and guidance in Pennsylvania for various financial problems. If you are looking for tax preparation and planning services, then you may connect with ASCPA. Apart from property taxes, if you face any challenges in income tax filing, you can acquire professional Online income tax preparation services from ASCPA.


What are the exemptions to avoid Pennsylvania property tax?

Senior citizens, veterans, and people with disability are not applicable to pay property tax in the state of Pennsylvania. Property owners can also apply for Homestead exemptions in case of the death of a prime-earning member of the family.

How to behave with the property tax assessors during the time of evaluation?

Always invite them within the house and walk with them during their assessment and show them every aspect of the house. Do not hide any bad areas of the house, as this will help in ensuring a minimum Pennsylvania property tax.

How does the neighbour’s property affect my house property tax in Pennsylvania?

Your neighbour’s property significantly affects the property tax of your house. For instance, if you have a better-looking property with more amenities, then the property tax will be much higher. The key is to keep a low-profile exterior to avoid higher property taxes. You can check the property tax of your neighbour in the town hall office. If the next house is similar to yours, but you still have to pay higher taxes, then reach out to the authorities and request a re-assessment of your property.

What is tax appeal, and how does it help in reducing property taxes in pa?

A tax appeal is a form of appeal to the court to analyse your property taxes if you believe that they are higher or wrongly assessed. A lawyer will charge you a service fee and raise the concern in court. Make sure you have valid reasons to defend your plea in court.

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