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Here at AS Tax and Accounting, you get a dedicated payroll manager for all your payroll services solutions.

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AS Tax and Accounting Offering Best Payroll Services

Here at AS Tax and Accounting, you get a dedicated payroll manager for all your payroll services solutions.

Our easy payroll services can help you reduce the time spent on administration. We help it by developing and implementing a computerized payroll system for small businesses all over the united states. Thus, it will facilitate processing, timely payment, and preparing payroll tax returns. Our payroll master services will parallelly boost employee satisfaction and ease the management’s stress.

If you are seeking a firm for managing your payroll problems, we can assure you are in the right hands. We, AS Tax and Accounting, are a top payroll service solution, easing your financial stress.

What is Payroll?

Payroll is a general term that refers to the whole payroll administration process and includes more than just compensating workers for tasks completed during a predetermined time period. This involves compiling the necessary employee data for each employee on your payroll, as well as computing each employee’s hours worked, earnings, deductions, and net and gross compensation. Our payroll consulting services can help you get through all this without any hassle.

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We Have 25 Years of Experience in Payroll Services

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Being the best Payroll Service Provider in Jersey City, NJ AS Tax and Accounting Payroll Solutions processing Includes

Every Pay Period

  • Payroll checks or direct deposit vouchers with detailed pay stubs
  • Detailed payroll register reports
  • Detailed payroll tax summary report by the department
  • Collect and remit all payroll taxes to appropriate government agencies

Every Quarter We Prepare and File

  • 940 Federal Unemployment Deposit
  • 941 Federal Quarterly Return
  • State unemployment and withholding tax return
  • Copies of all payroll tax returns for your records

Annually We Prepare and File

  • Employer Federal and State W-2s
  • 940 Federal unemployment insurance return
  • Copies of all filings for your records

Call us at +1-201-668-1774 or request a free initial consultation for online professional payroll services to find out how your company can benefit from our next level of professional payroll services. Companies in New Jersey, New York, and Pensilvennia rely on us for dependable payroll specialists and payroll processing and support. We at AS Tax and Accounting are ready to assist you at any time in growing your company with our professional payroll services.

We Integrate Your Payroll records with the Best Software

We associate your books with Xero to bring confidence in your numbers. Xero’s online accounting software makes small businesses easier. See how it can help you take control of the numbers.

With your accounting data organized on the Quickbooks cloud, we can help you track sales, create and send invoices, and know how your business is doing at any time. Quickbooks helps to measure your numbers closely

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Clients Testimonials

AS Tax & Accounting has been incredibly helpful with our taxes, creating corporation papers, payroll management services, running our financials on a daily basis, and providing beneficial business strategies. They have been really valuable for our growth
payrolling client
Mia Tuschman,
The transition from our former service has been a substantial improvement. We receive considerably more personalized and committed business payroll services at AS Tax and Accounting. Our staff really appreciates their efforts. I would absolutely recommend AS Tax and Accounting, Jersey, NJ.
ASCPA Payroll Clients
Toni Cullen
Head of Finance

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Frequently Asked Questions.

An organization that manages payroll on behalf of another firm is referred to as a payroll service provider. The newest technology is used by payroll outsourcing providers to assist automate and streamline key payroll procedures while also providing a range of services.

No, QuickBooks is not a free tool. There is a $5 fee per month which will be debited automatically on monthly basis. However, it is a nonrefundable amount, but in case you are willing to stop, you can cancel the subscription.

Since payroll software can do computations and deductions more quickly, many organisations prefer it over human processing. provide correct pay stubs. With the least amount of work, compute bonuses, costs, holiday money, etc.

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