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Accounting Services To Keep Your Business Needs At The Forefront

The AS Tax & Accounting specializes in online accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and consulting services for small businesses. We offer solutions to start-ups, SMEs, and other companies. Our professionals will offer all the required assistance. We have been boosting businesses for ten years and have worked with a variety of enterprises, from e-commerce firms to elderly care service providers.

Our professional tax and accounting services will reduce the expenses associated with hiring full-time bookkeepers and tax preparation services for your company. As opposed to traditional accountants and bookkeepers who are only available during certain hours of the day, you will have access to a pool of resources that are available 24/7. 

Because of the knowledge and experience of our skilled bookkeepers and accountants, your accounting function will be effective and efficient. We employ strategic plans along with bookkeeping software, which makes it easier to obtain a precise picture of your company’s financial situation. We will dive into the details of our financials and provide you with true KPIs and metrics to improve your profits.

Accounting services
Business Incorporation Services​

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping team will update your ledger and clean all the mess. Our certified bookkeepers will reconcile your bank accounts and prepare financial statements on a regular basis. Get in touch to know more.

accounting bookkeeping services

Payroll Services

We commit to providing unparalleled payroll services, including handling employee classification and seeking ways to cut payroll taxes. We will couple your business payroll with technology and implement to achieve a streamlined process.

virtual Outsourced-Accounting

Cloud Accounting Services

Our cloud accounting services will shift your business towards technology. Our Quickbooks and Xero experts will host your books on the software. You will have access to your business from anywhere and at any time.

QuickBooks accountants

Advisory Services

CFO Advisory Group provides a wide range of customized services, including strategic planning, financial modeling, cash flow, forecasting, mergers, and acquisitions, with detailed report analysis.

controller services

Controller Services

Our controller services are designed for scalability. Our advisors are experienced and understand the ebbs and flows of various industries. Our outsourced controller service will reduce overhead and increase productivity.

Business Incorporation Services​

Business Incorporation Services

Our team will investigate in depth and assist you in preparing and submitting your Articles of Incorporation in whichever state you are willing to incorporate. We will also help you with annual report preparation and filing.

Accounting Services Respected to their Industries

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entertainment accounting services

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Technology Accounting Services

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Real Estate Accounting Services for beggineers
Real Estate

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Accounting services for medical firm

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Law Firms
Law Firm

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financial accounting services

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