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Protect your personal assets

For any business, especially small businesses, incorporation is the most important thing to secure their assets. A business can own property, carry on a business incurs losses, and sue pr get sued, which is why it is important for businesses to incorporate so they are safe.

Enhance your business’s credibility

The benefits of incorporation go beyond just finances. People usually find your business credible when they are sure that you are a listed company. Having “Inc” or “corp” makes your business much more credible than anything else.

Have easier access to capital

For companies that incorporate, it is easier to raise capital as they issue shares of stocks. This definitely makes your business easy to grow and creates a market value that enables you to get finances from banks easily.

Perpetual existence

A business can continue indefinitely after incorporation. However, it does not matter what happens to the director, shareholders, or managers the business keeps going without getting into any legal situations.

How does ASCPA Provide NY incorporation services?

ny incorporation services

We file your Certificate of incorporation in New York

To incorporate your business, it is necessary to file a copy of your documents with the New York state department. The certificate is to clarify the purpose of business.

Create your corporate bylaws​

Create your corporate bylaws

They are a set of rules that require an organization to function smoothly, for which the board of directors approves. Also, they specify the internal management structure for the business.

professional incorporation services

Authorize the issue of shares and stocks

Stock is a representation of ownership for your business. When someone buys a stock, they buy a part of your company, and hence it is important to get legal licenses.

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Get the EIN number for your business

An EIN is a nine-digit number that The IRS issues to identify your business for tax purposes. It is important for the state approval to apply for EIN.

Get your business license and permit for New York​

Get your business license and permit for New York

You must submit an application for a business license in each city where you intend to run your enterprise. However, a general business license may be necessary for addition to other permissions. This license may need to share with the county or the state.

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