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Feature of Our Expert Bookkeepers in Burlington NJ!

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Detailed Recording

Our bookkeepers in Burlington NJ are dedicated to performing at their best. They maintain each and every transaction and record them accurately. This will enable you to be prepared at the time of the audit.

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Compliance with law

A expert bookkeeper is always aware of the laws that your business needs to follow and maintain. Hence, they are the best people to look for when it comes to compliance with the law.


Makes planning easier

When you have detailed recordings and a better overview of the company, it definitely makes it easier for you to analyze and create plans easily.

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Better relations with banks and investors

Having an expert by your side is always the best decision. When it comes to banks and investors, you need to have an experienced and trustworthy person with you.

Softwares we use to integrate your Books!

QuickBooks : The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “small company accounting software” is QuickBooks. The application distinguishes itself with features like receipt capture and round-the-clock chat help. We can manage full-service payroll as well as track inventory and time with more sophisticated plans.

Xero : This is a great software that we use to integrate your business. We manage all your accounting activities through the same software which gives a total view of what is going on with your finances. You will be able to check all your activities through the portal we will create for you.  


Expert Bookkeeping Services in Burlington

Balance sheets

One of the main functions of a bookkeeper is to create balance sheets. Here the business can analyze its expenses and where they stand. This can also help them understand where they can save up.

Bank reconciliation

A very important task for any business is bank reconciliation. It is important that each and every transaction our Burlington Bookkeepers record is accurate according to the statements.

Maintaining records

Our bookkeepers are responsible for recording all the transactions that your business faces, may it be debit or credit. This helps them to prepare accurate reports that help at the time of audits.

Manage statements

Statements include bank statements, credit card statements or any other financial statements. Bookkeepers maintain them to keep a clear perspective of the finances of the company.

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Benefits Of Choosing AS Tax & Accounting Bookkeeping Services in Brooklyn

At AS Tax & Accounting, all our clients get a dedicated person to manage the functioning of their business. However, we have a whole team that is working to make your business the most profitable.

It's an important factor for a start-up or small business to have affordable services. Get the best Bookkeeping services in Burlington at affordable prices. That’s what a small business need, right?

We have certified professionals on our team who are ready to learn about the upcoming and new trends in the market. Having people like this work for you is the best, as you will be aware of the latest updates and function accordingly.

even though we make sure you have a dedicated professional still, if there is anything you are facing difficulty with, you can contact us at any moment and share your experience with us your problems.