Non Profits

Are You Looking For A Better Bookkeeping Solution For Your Non-Profit Organization?

One of the most essential tasks of any nonprofit organization is to keep accurate and timely financial records. However, executing it correctly takes time, and the rules are difficult. Plus, if you’re like most nonprofit executives, you’re not an accountant. We have a better concept than you are doing it yourself or depending on unskilled volunteers: you focus on your goal while we manage your books! So, what are your thoughts?

We Have Got Your Back!

No one acknowledges the complications and complexities of nonprofit accounting. We assure you that you are covered in all areas with us since we have worked solely with our years of experience. We ensure that your records are accurate, timely, and comply with the federal accounting rules.

Your nonprofit will be assigned to one of our highly qualified Advisors, whose experience is most suited to your requirements. Your Advisor will get familiar with your company and its transactions, helping you in creating and maintaining accurate books and records.

Likewise, we provide a complimentary accounting software platform to our clients. From anywhere with an Internet connection, you’ll have safe, 24/7 access to your books and records. Plus, there’s more!

Our Services- All In One Place

Let’s talk about your non-profit organization’s requirements! Don’t allow the annoyances of nonprofit accounting to keep you from achieving your goal! We’re here to put your mind at ease so you can concentrate on your goal! What kind of assistance do you think you’ll require for your non – profit organization? Find out what services we can provide you here. 

  • Accounting services for NGOs
  • Cash flow stabilization
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Internal control enhancements
  • Tax compliance
  • Assistance in obtaining IRS tax-exempt status
  • Payroll services¬†
  • Preparation of Form 990 tax returns

Why Choose Us?

Non-profits are exempt from paying taxes and have different accounting goals and financial statements than for-profit businesses. These companies have their own set of financial difficulties. Ascpa is aware of this and stands with you in your quest. Also, we will be glad to provide non-profits services with a wide choice of resources and banking options.

We have years of experience dealing with nonprofits like yours and have industry knowledge. We are ideally qualified to help you fulfill your objectives, reduce operational risks, and streamline your entire operation. Furthermore, we provide customized financial solutions to help you manage your wealth, as well as the security and your disbursements. We boost productivity and money so you can concentrate on your purpose!

Choose Us For Our:

Better Financial Statements & Accurate Records
We’ll give you a monthly financial statement to keep track of your finances. You may be confident that your books are correct and current. So, allow us to take care of the busy work so you can concentrate on your goal.

Real-Time Access with simple solutions
Our nonprofit accounting software is being used in your nonprofit bookkeeping services. This implies you may check your financial records at any time, share them with your management team, monitor donations, and accept online donations. It’s also no problem if you need to generate an invoice, collect online payments, or keep track of notes about your supporters.

We Care For You!
When you entrust your financial interests to us, you receive more than just spreadsheets and tax reports; you get someone who cares as much about your principles as you do. We’ll do everything we can to assist you succeed since your achievement is our success! Here, we don’t just analyze numbers; we also take care of all the minor details that help your company develop, expand!!